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Things to write in the dust on the back of cars- "Clean Me" for a new generation

Do not wash - potatoes planted.
Anti-dazzle coating.
Valeted by Stevie Wonder.
If driven well, call 911 and report me stolen.
Another one I saw - someone had written "Wash me" on one of the rear doors, and the owner had written "Bite me" on the other.
For a while, one of the Radio 1 DJs (Zoe Ball) was getting people to write "Feel the Stag" & "Back at you, baby" on dirty vans. People started adapting the phrase depending on the van - "sod the stag, feel Zoe" and my favourite was on a delivery truck for an Italian baker: "Foccacia baby"
experimental dust -DO NOT REMOVE

And two for the computer-literate
<HTML> <BODY> dust="#C0C0C0" car="000000" </BODY> </HTML>