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Fyl's FAQ

Q. So, first up. When were you born
A. 4th October 1979
Q. So that would make you...
A. 19, twenty this autumn
Q. I've heard someone say that you were born in Scotland. but that can't be true can it?
A. Yes, I was born in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Why could it not be true?
Q. Well, you don't sound like a Scot
A. So, Sean connery didn't sound like a Russian in Red October did he? Seriously, we moved to surrey when I was only two and that's where my accent developed
Well, alright I'll believe you. You are a tight fisted git after all.
Thanks a lot!
Q. Full name?
A. Philip Scott Shearer
Q. Are you any relation to Alan Shearer then? (see, told you this was Question I get Asked frequently)
A. No. Not at all. If I was I'd be after him for some of his money.