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Web-builder Links

Davesite- An Interactive HTML tutorial (where I learnt this in fact)
Neon Lollipops- Advanced HTML ideas from Dave (as seen above)
Staga- The Star Trek Animated Gif Archive- Source of fancy graphics on my frontpage
Tripod- Webpage Host, up to 11Mb for your own personal use

Tv Links

Startrek- My favourite program
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
BBC Online's cult TV pages- find out when the above programs are showing
One of the many homes of Ally McBeal's Dancing Baby
Sausagenet not what you might think but an archive of Classic Children's TV links

Funny links Specially Selected to Cheer U Up When You Are Down

  1. The Stickmorgue- Animations of Stickmen dying, well worth a look
  2. Cartoons of people poo-ing
  3. Collection of some of the most disatsteful images on the web
  4. Joke Wallpaper- A selection of U.S. satirical pictures to brighten up your desktop
  5. For Him Magazine- Excellent Bar Room Jokes
  6. The Darwin Awards Homepage- Posthumously commemorating (the remains of) individuals who have given their all in an effort to improve our gene pool. Bestowed upon those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of killing themselves by the most extraordinarily stupid means.
  7. Hack Furby- how to kill and re-program a 30 talking toy
  8. Apology: this one may not actually cheer you up when you are down as promised. Find out when you will die at the Deathclock

Other People's Pages

Some of them are my mates, some of them are people I vaguely know, and yet more are just things I've found

My Uni Website- there's abolutely nothing there yet!
not a mate as such, but a bloke I was sat next to in ARC1 whilst writing this
Diggy's Website- He's doing engineering at Bath Uni right now
The Official John Ockerby Homepage Don't ya just have to know if there's an unofficial one out there?

Helpful Links for Students and-the-like

4-d- The Times' Online Student Magazine
The Times- The greatest newspaper on earth, and on line
Juiced- the Telegraph's Student Pages
Redmole- An Alternative Student website
The Electronic Telegraph
The National Union of Students

Helpful Links

Aloud- The internet's premier box office. All the venues. All the gigs
Quoteland- famous and not-so-famous quotations sorted by topic and author. Good for essays
Railtrack- Searchable timetable of all UK train services
UBL- The Ultimate Band List. Releases and Tour info for all the major groups and Masses of the tiny ones.
The Government's main website
Hotmail- The world's favourite free web-based E-mail service
A selection of shareware download sites:-
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