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Some of you may have got here looking for Lexa you want to go to Lexa's Little Secret Place

Welcome One-and-all to Fyl's little bit of Cyberspace

Resistance is Futile

Hi, I'm Phil, most of the people who get here will probably know me but for those who don't, this link -- > HERE is my very own personal FAQ, full of answers to Questions that people Frequently Ask me.

My Links Page

Web Dregs- Is it a links page? Is it a picture gallery? Who can say?

What's Fyl's weather like today? Find out Here courtesy of CNN

Phil's Shen's Directory-a selection of fine practical jokes that you can try at home/school/office

A selection of fine jokes

A gallery of fine ASCII-ART masterpieces

Fever Pitch what has happened to the football fever from Euro'96?